How to use Cards Against Humanity as an idea generator for your content

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As we hurtle down the icy slope towards Christmas on a mince pie covered sledge, card games begin to find their way back out from the back of a bookshelf for cosy nights in with a tot of (vegan) Baileys.

Cards Against Humanity is one you are likely to have lurking at home - but did you know you can use these cheeky faux pas cringers for more than a wine-fuelled un-PC night?

Yip, these bad boys are a killer shortcut for generating content title ideas and snappy copy.


So, how do they help?

Well, random word generation and disruption are total BFF’s of creative thinking 💭 💥✨
(for more on why that’s important, hop here)

You can pull some cards when you are plotting an email subject line, blog post or some copy, and use them to spark off ideas and help you get out of a copy and content rut. ✅🤩

The way it works is that our brains use the stimulus to explore different pathways of thoughts.
When we juxtapose different words or situations, we are able to explore and come up with completely different approaches.

A more extreme version of this is when I ran a brainstorm with my friends and clients Peter and Seema of Tap into Flow. We worked on doing new things every day - just tiny tweaks as I share in my Brilliance Ignition framework from my book.

brilliance ignition jo gifford

For Peter and Seema, the decision to take a different route home resulted in a radical change of life for them - and I mean sell the house, go travelling and work from the road in an RV radical. (listen in on how that went down in their podcast interview right here).

When our brains have new stimulus and space, we can create new connections and new ideas.

You can ignite your brilliance and find new approaches.

Flexing your idea generation muscle is an incredibly powerful and useful workout.
The more you learn to brainstorm, assess, reflect and evolve ideas, the more you become used to thinking creatively on demand, as Heidi Cohen describes here in her article.


The guys over at Hat Rabbits explore this technique more with random word generation - another technique I often use.

The beauty of Cards Against Humanity is, of course, that the random word generation is done for you in one, cringingly awful but horrifically brilliant deck.

Pro tip: You can also play online if you don’t have a stash of cards to hand, or you can download the PDF and print your own.

So, if you give this a try let me know in the comments how you got on! You can also pop into our free Facebook community and share how you got on and grab yourself a bundle of free swag and goodies on idea generation, content hacks and more right here.

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