A Toolkit of "Do you, Boo" helpers for the New Year

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Well hellooooo Brilliant Ones, how are you doing?

While we all try and remember WHAT IT IS WE ACTUALLY do after the holidays, I am here to help ease the way into the New Year with some helpful resources.

*passes coffee*.

1. Space = Sanity
First of all, if everyone and their sheep are ALL UP IN YOUR TIMELINE DOING AMAZING THINGS, I invite you to find space for you.

While the temptation might be to feel under pressure to radically revamp everything in your life, I invite you to find some space, tune into what it is *you* actually need, and start from there.

I switched off from social media entirely for the festive period. 
Every time I do this, I am amazed at the insights that come from getting back in my own lane.

It's a joy. Truly.

Maybe take a look at your inbox subscriptions and subscribe from anything that no longer serves you.

Make space for your brilliance, and take time away from the comparisonitis, FOMO and New Year hustle that can be tempting to get drawn into.

2. Make a choice to take action
Again, this is about making choices and finding space for brilliance.
I see time and time again people getting caught up in the fast moving culture of buying the latest course/challenge/training and not actually doing anything with it. 

Creating FOMO is part of marketing, and if you invest in something, invest time and energy in it and DO it.

It works, but it takes bravery to switch off and create space.


Stepping away from the pack intentionally creates incredible momentum and your OWN magic.

3. Some tools to help you right now
Alrighty, so now we are creating space, here are some things in the world of Giff that can help you refocus in your own way in 2019.

Own Your Brilliance - a free 5 day challenge to get back into the groove of YOU is right here.

Take back your time with this free toolkit here that can save you at least 2 hours a week (so you can invest your energy in those unfinished things on your list).

-Use the values sheet and social media swipe file in this bundle to get super clear on how you want to roll, and how you can spark up some conversations with intention on social right here.

You are BRILLIANT, and I can’t wait to help you ignite your brilliance even more this year.

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