How to stop being scared of your schedule

So, did you start the New Year with a brand new shiny planner and all good intentions?

Or, are you still staring down your calendar in abject fear, wondering who will win the battle of the minds? 

(note: the calendar always wins)

If you have been hiding from your days as they get busier and busier, or freaking out about how organised everyone else seems to be, this Facebook Live on creating a schedule that builds in time for brilliance is for you.

(Click here to see it on Facebook in case of tech gremlins in your browser)

Have you re-designed your week? Let me know in the comments and share how you did it and what works for you.

(extra points for nice pens and highlighters..)
Have a fabulous week,

Jo xoxo

P.S: Ready to hear the Paypal pings of sales next month?
This is for you.


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