Why I was 8 years behind on my business growth

Amazingly, I have now been self-employed for 11 years **cracks open the champagne**

I started my business in 2006, when I left my job as a Senior Designer and Business development Managed in a London design agency.

I had no direction, no plans, no strategy.

I knew I had to leave, despite loving my company, my colleagues, and my role.

I had reached a wall in my life where everything came to a standstill, and so, at 29, I started again.

It took me 8 years to begin the process that sped up my business (and personal growth) - investing in myself.

If I had done this earlier, the struggles of waiting for the client cheques to land on the doormat (hey, it was the Noughties), and the isolation of going solo would have passed much, MUCH earlier.

When I began to take action and really go for it, things changed.
And they changed FAST.

And I want the same for you, so I shared my story with my friend, the lovely Hollie Tkac. 

I was delighted when Hollie told me she was hosting an interview series all around this topic, born out of her own research project to learn HOW female entrepreneurs can take action to create the businesses of their dreams.

I don't do many summits these days, but Hollie stood out for me with her energy and approach, and I really wanted to hop on and share my story.

Hollie's series is called the GO FOR IT Summit: Unleash Your Message so you Can Get Paid Doing What you Love, and I am SO proud to be part of it.

We did our interview recording yesterday, and I know you guys will get a lot out of what we talked about, which included:

- How I started my own business

- When and how I started investing in myself and my business

- How to stop comparisonitis

- How my career now fits my life, and how I designed it to be that way

- How to track your progress and really see how far you have come. 

- How I built a platform and a customer base.

Grab your spot to watch this FREE interview series.

The series includes 21 awesome female entrepreneurs (including me!), who have joined forces to share their stories of how unleashing their inner messages through taking action allowed them to get paid doing what they love.

Together, we want to support you in feeling empowered and inspired to GO FOR IT so you can have the business (and life!) of your wildest dreams.

I can't wait to tune in myself - let me know what you think of my interview (you won't have to waste years like I did, before you find your groove!).

Have an amazing weekend,

Jo xox