Personal Branding: How To Tune Into Your Alter Ego While Staying Authentic


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Hi guys, it's Jo.

Today we're talking about how to tune into your alter ego while staying authentic in your personal brand.

So guys, when you think about your alter ego, often -  especially when we use that term in business - we think about having to create a whole personality and a brand new personal brand.

You might feel inclined, or tempted, to think about trying on a personality of someone who you've seen as being really successful, or perhaps you might be tempted or inspired to try on different pieces of other people's personality and alter ego traits of other people that you admire in business or in your world who you see as being successful.

But,when we take pieces of personality, of humour, of language they aren't really aligned with us, it feels really wrong, and your audience, your organisation, people sense that.

People know when you're aren't being authentic.

Sure, we can be inspired by people.

Sure, we can see how someone has done something and admire that and take learnings from it.

But that is really, really different from creating an alter ego and try and squishing  your personality into that, and the way that you operate into that.

You are so much more awesome than that.

You have your own brilliance. You can create your own power from being you.

So, here's what I would  like you to do.

Think about a moment where you have felt so confident.

You feel really awesome.

You could've dropped a mic (or maybe you did).

Maybe you were walking across the stage as you picked up your degree or an award.

Maybe you had a brilliant meeting at work and you knew you nailed it.

Maybe you just felt awesome and on fire as you're recording a podcast.

Maybe you just had a fabulous meeting and you knew that you had just shown as your very very best.

Think about moment and really turn up that feeling.

Think about the best version of you.

When you are operating at your best, what do you wear? How do you talk?

And it sounds odd, but we often have different ways of kind of operating when we want to show up as our best, right?
So, I wouldn't record this video for you necessarily just in my onesie.
Although, I'm open to doing that. But, I'd like to rock up for you guys in a way that feels good to me.

OK, so think about how you roll when you're operating at your best., and tune into that ‘cause that version of you, that part of you, is the alter ego that we can impart with authenticity in your personal brand.

It's so inauthentic to try and be someone who you're not  and you don't need to be because you're already brilliant.

I'm just telling you that today.

So when can really tap into a moment or a series of event where you felt so in your flow, so amazing, that is the alter ego for you to tap into when your creating copy. When you're are showing as language online or off. Where you're thinking  about who you are as strong and personal brand.

So, I would love to hear which of those moments really stand out for you.

Can you think of a situation where you have felt really on fire, where you nailed it?

Where you felt awesome and in your flow? And let us know in the comments below. Let's have a chat about it.

So, to hear from me, you can sign up for my Monday Mic Drop newsletter to hear a roundup of other personal branding and brilliance tips from me plus other stuff that I only share on email so I can't wait to hear from you guys and let me know below how you get on with your alter ego.