Personal Branding: How What You Do On A Sunday Affects Your Personal Brand


[Video transcript]

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Hi, it's Jo Gifford here.

So, today we're looking at why what you do on a Sunday affects your personal brand.

What you do on a Sunday, and the way that you hang out, if you imagine your ideal Sunday, tells us a lot about who you are as a human being.

It tells us a lot about your quirks and your personality, your hobbies, your interests, what's important to you.

And if you picture your ideal day, and I'm not talking about just catching up with the chores and the housework and doing the ironing - not that kind of Sunday - I mean the kind of Sunday where you are doing everything that makes you happy, whether that's a lie in with some fresh coffee, a mooch to an art gallery, a great vegan brunch, followed by trying something new, followed by a walk in the park and hooking up with friends (incidentally that's my favourite Sunday).

Whatever you do in your ideal scenario gives us loads of clues about you, and we can use those clues as pieces of language, as little indicators in your personal branding, both online and off.

Because these things make you different from everybody else around you. Okay, so the way that you spend your ideal day gives us indicators about your difference in the world. And you might think, “well I'm not really that different, I just go and do the same stuff as everyone else” but, you don't.

Your preferences, the way that you roll in life, they'll be clues in what you do that you can use in blog posts, in social media posts, in conversations, as stories.

These things make you you.

Maybe you go rock climbing on a Sunday.

Maybe you like to go kayaking, or something.

Maybe you have it as a whole day where you watch films back to back, - awesome!

I want to hear about that, because it makes you completely unique.

Creating your power with a personal brand is about finding these little pieces of your story that we can articulate in a way that helps you to stand out above the noise.

So, just take five minutes, think about what you do on a Sunday.

And let me know below, in the comments. I want to hear how you spend your Sundays.

And then you can think about how you can weave that into conversations in your personal brand.