How to keep content simple

How to keep content simple

Every marketer and biz mentor has a "secret forrmula" for content.

In between the buzzwords, the trends, the storytelling, the long form, short form, evergreen, SEO, authority, curated, super quirky, value-rich and personal, it can feel like a MINEFIELD of overwhelm.

Hands up if you have been there, bought the t-shirt and owned the brain melt?

Thought so.

Now, I know my stuff when it comes to content but I want to go riiiiiiiiight back to basics here for a moment.

Let me give you an example.

Right now I am working on a variety of some super juicy projects.

One of which requires that I wireframe some content in the UX design software called Figma.

I have used similar apps before, but this is new to me, so what do I do for help?

I Google.

Like anyone does when they want to learn something or find something out, right?

When I pop "Figma tutorials" into Google, a range of articles and videos appear for me, and I find the ones feel like the right fit for me, and I watch the content and learn.


I am then nicely placed to buy from the people that have just helped me.

"So what, Gifford?" I hear you asking.

Well, I wasn't searching for "How to apply actions to a Figma Prototype to create a UX workflow".
I went for what I needed to know, in the language I use.

So often we forget that our customers and audience don't know what we do.

They don't know, necessarily, how to articulate what it is they are looking for, but they know they need help.

So how are your clients searching in Google for that help?

Are they asking for "10 ways to unleash your inner warrior", or are they asking for "how to increase confidence"?

Now, your approach and way that you work us unique to you, and you can explain that in the content that follows.

But to get them reading, watching or listening to what you do in the first place, catch them where they are, with their own language.

One way you can find out what language is being used is to use one of my favourite resources, Answerthepublic

You can check out a Facebook Live I did of this tool right here:

Keep it simple.

Think about WHAT your audience need to know, and tell them in their own language.


Does't that feel easier?

For some easy frameworks that you can swipe to create content, check out my "Get eyes on your biz FAST!" training in the free subscriber bundle right here. right here.

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