Cassette deck content lessons


Right now my 8 year old twin girls are recording a video called The Twin Show.

They came home from school and recorded a how-to tutorial on making unicorn water - super handy, should you ever want to know - and have been happily pre-occupied with their content creation for the last hour or so.

I used to do the same after school, except mine was a radio programme, recorded onto one of those hand held cassette decks. For months, my friend and I would huddle next to the microphone and play DJ's whilst recording in my room*.

I told this to Eva and Mia, and Mia pointed out that "those olden day things are extinct now, Mummy".

Reeling from this retro revelation, I carried on making dinner.

So yes, the tech changes but the idea is still the same.

My kids are creating content to make sense of the world around them and their place in it, just like I did 30 years ago.

And that's all content creation is - your take on the world around you.

Doesn't THAT make it seem so much easier?

So whether you are curating your life on social media, recording a how-to video, or presenting an 80's radio show from your bedroom, it's just a lens on the world.

Do you have an early memory of sharing your lens on the world? Hit reply, I would love to know.

~ Jo xox


*Yes, I wish I could find those tapes now and yes, if I do I will share (we may need to bribe my mum to find them)
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