Episode 22: Unbecoming, Masterminds and the Power of You with Phoebe Mroczek


This episode was recorded on a Facebook live with one of my favourite ever humans, Phoebe Mroczek.


Phoebe helps high-performing entrepreneurs transform their lives through adventure, business and connection.

Things we cover in this episode:

  • The power of group work and creating spaces;
  • How Phoebe truly lives her life her own way;
  • How "unbecoming" is Phoebe's way of being truly yourself in life and biz.
  • Why play is so important and how we build it in.

There is truly SO MUCH in this episode, and Phoebe is not only one of my best friends, but a true powerhouse in many areas of life.


Find out more about Phoebe:

Website: https://www.phoebemroczek.com/
Phoebe's Podcast:

Watch the original Facebook live right here.

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