You are more than a bunch of numbers as an entrepreneur

My partner has a waaaaay funnier Facebook feed than me.

It's crammed full of memes, jokes, news, videos; mine?

Well, it's full of 6 figure launches, (usually before breakfast), 7 figure claims, multiple million mentions, and that's just before I have had my second cup of tea.

As an entrepreneur in the B2 space, and particularly in the online B2B space, it can feel like a frenetic avalanche of numbers via ads, posts, groups, and emails.

So you HAVEN'T had a 6 figure launch before your brioche in Bali? Well you might as well give up right now.

Not working 24/7 in Gary V style? Forget it, you are hopeless, my friend.

This post is inspired by the wonderful Nathalie Lussier's recent blog, which explores the notion that income based marketing in the B2B space can be damaging in many ways.

In case you’re not familiar with it, income claim marketing is when a business or coach shares how much money they’ve made… in an effort to prove how successful their business has been. Usually, this display of wealth is also used in order to sell something that promises to replicate these results for students.
— Nathalie Lussier

I could not love this post more.

First of all, I would urge you to read Nathalie's post right here, it makes for a refreshing read.

Now, here is my take on the numbers based marketing for entrepreneurs.


Check with yourself what success really is

Success means different things to different people, and that's ok.

For me, it means being able to work where I want, when I want, and to grow a sustainable business that's aligned with my values, my dreams, and to support my family in a way that works for me.

Success for me means being able to be in my joy whilst earning an income that's outside of constraints, has room to grow, that fills me with joy, and works around my family and ongoing health conditions that need careful management,

It means learning and growing at a pace that suits me, that feels in alignment to me, and that allows for the emotional, economical, intellectual and creative personal development that I find fulfilment in within my life.

It doesn't mean I am immune to comparisonitis - none of us are, in my opinion.

But, I am better at turning it around to gratitude for the person inspiring me, to show me what's possible, delving into the emotion that's causing the trigger, and getting back in my own, awesome lane.  In fact, I shared in a recent summit interview that I have started sending thank you cards to people who inspire me, and that is an amazing way to turn the energy around to gratitude, a far nicer place than self-sabotage or jealousy.

Surround yourself with your own success team

Surrounding yourself with your own success team is critical for riding those waves of shoulds and coulds (which, by the way, happen at every stage of biz as you grow).

My personal team include dear entrepreneurial friends who challenge me, hold me to my values, share their own experiences, and ride the waves with me (hat tip to my darling bff Phoebe, Gemma, Amy, Tara O, Daire and co.); my amazing coach Tara Newman who helps me to work to my strengths and values and reminds me of the big wins along the way; my brain trainer and biz collaborator Heather Jones who helps me to bust through those mind blocks to keep moving forward; my amazing partner Miles who reminds me what it's all about and to keep perspective on how far we have come as a family.

I am also honoured to be part of some incredible groups and masterminds with people who are further along than me in business, so I can watch, learn, grow and step into the next level - whatever that means for me (and specifically me).

Surrounding yourself with successful people is a personal thing. The energy they operate with, their cultural ideas of business, their attitudes and actions may not be where you want to be, so choose your team with careful consideration. 

You should feel supported, stretched enough to be able to grow, loved, coached and nurtured, not made to feel guilty, anxious, or not enough.

You are enough right now, where you are, whatever those numbers in your business or bank account say.

Booked and banked is different from profit

Now, we know this is a tricky ground, and I am so glad Nathalie mentions it in her post.
Booked and banked is SO different from profit, so bear that in mind when you feel your heart sink when reading another post about income.

Yes, these amazing levels are all possible, and I am honoured to be friends with some entrepreneurs who have achieved their goals and gone on to smash many more - I absolutely know that it is possible to achieve amazing things. 

However, as you are growing from one stage to the next, remembering the business 101 of turnover and profit on your own terms is essential.

Burnout isn't fun

Now, as a CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia dude in recovery, I can assure you that exhaustion is no fun at all.

I over-rode the signs in my 20's until my body made the decision for me to slow down, and I have been in recovery ever since (throw in being mum of twins early into my recovery and you get the idea).

Burnout town is no fun.

In fact I go to many lengths to avoid it now, including the utmost self care, stepping away from the noise when I need to, and ensuring I am focussing on what strengthens me as opposed to what drains me.

People operate in different ways.

My personality type and my bespoke set of circumstances mean that I don't subscribe to the 24/7 hustle vibe.

I get that some people thrive from it, but for me it's a dangerous zone to play in - I value my health (both mental and physical) too much to fry my adrenals and go without self care and a pace that suits me.

Burnout  can also be a dirty word, like a sign of failure.

Don't fall for that myth.  We all have ways of working that help us to thrive, and ways of working that can have us in a slump, face down into the 50th coffee of the day and in floods of tears and anxiety.

So I shouldn't dream big?

Far from it - I have some audacious goals, and I am sure you have too.

I have dreams, lofty ambition and a trajectory to get there, step by step, with support, incremental goals, and strategy.

I want you to dream as big as you possibly can -  after all, didn't we choose to be entrepreneurs for a reason?

But hey, I want you to remember that wherever you are, right now, is ok.

If you are starting out, amazing! How successful are YOU for starting your journey? Amazing!

If you are starting to create consistent income  - wooooah, go YOU! What a fantastic journey you are on and how far you have come!

Having a shit day? I hear you! I have those too, and it's so, SO normal. Take a break, do something to feel awesome, and get back on that horse, if it feels good to you.

So, you are scaling? WOOOOT! Let's crack open the champagne, you have done so much and come so far!

You see? Every. Single. success.

Success is more than a bunch of numbers.

It's a feeling; a way of being, a sense of joy, an energy that resonates, and a strategic set of steps that  belong to YOU (and only you).

You are so much more than a bunch of numbers - whatever those numbers are.

Tell me what success feels like to you - I can't wait to hear.

Go get em,

Jo xox