The Cloud Egg Guide To Creative Thinking

cloud egg guide to creative thinking


This week it's been all about the cloud egg.  

The darlings of the hashtag right now, these deconstructed beauts hold some valuable lessons within their insta-friendly foodie glory.

I aim to do something new every day, part of a commitment to cultivating creative thinking and ideas and brilliance ignition.

It's something I teach my clients to do, and the enrichment doesn't need to be anything more than a slight tweak to your usual routine to kick out an idea.

One of my new things this week was to try making cloud eggs.

Yep, it's alllllll about the cloud eggs 🍳 #cloudeggs #gottatryit

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After my first attempt, I got incentive and added bacon, parmesan, herbs and all sorts to the meringue base.  

Sure, I got some nicer lunches, but this was the real take away: 

These things are just eggs.  



The genius is in the deconstruction and recreation. 

For the uninitiated, a cloud egg is an egg that has been separated, egg whites beaten, meringue style, before the yolk is baked back on. 

The result is a fluffy boost. An egg, redesigned and redefined.

When coming up with ideas, you don't need to go radically different.

You can take something as simple as an egg, something we take for granted, something we know and see daily. 

Then you separate and deconstruct it. 

You whisk it up.

You add new ingredients. 

You create something new. 

You bake back in the core.

You have a whole new perspective. 

Deconstruct, whisk it, bake it back.

How can you apply that today?


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