I am in the Top 100 Content Marketers List by Express Writers and Buzzsumo

It's always lovely to have recognition from your industry, and this compilation of the Top 100 Content Marketers was great to see today.

Read the report right here.

Express Writers worked alongside Buzzsumo (a tool I use all the time for research) to compile a list of the Top 100 Content Marketers, and you can spot me at No.68!

Check it out  - the article is really useful in terms of explaining what makes a long term successful influencer.

“Overnight” success in the form of follower jumps or likes spikes are vanity metrics for a reason – they don’t mean much. What does translate to build a real influencer-level presence comes down to two things: hard work building a reason to be known (a company, success in a role, consistent content year after year, an epic piece of content that everyone remembers), and real, human connections and conversations with their followers.
— Express Writers