How to hack a thought leader blog post

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Have you ever sat down to create an EPIC piece of content that really showcases you as a “thought leader”in your niche (whether you love or hate that term, you know what I mean by it 😃) - but it feels overwhelming?


I hear this a lot.

So, I recorded a short video which lays out some ways that you can hack some of that process and make it all the more easier.

The Facebook live stream and fill transcript is below.

So go, create, let thoughts lead you!

How to hack a thought leader blog post:

✅ Get support with research

✅Note down bullet points of your thinking (it's about thought, remember?!)

✅Record audio into your smart phone or directly into the app and transcribe it

✅ Edit, shape and add links

Overwhelm be gone!


Hi, everyone. Good morning. Jo Gifford here.

I am jumping in to answer a really quick question actually that one of my colleagues and clients recently asked me.

I thought this is a really helpful thing to help all of you who are creating content and who wants to add to the conversation of your industry.

So, how to hack a thought leader blog post.

We're not talking about hacking being a thought leader.
You still have to think.
You still have to think before you create your content.

But, this is a suggestion that I shared with a particular client who asked me this question that I thought I would share with you guys as well.

So whether you're watching on the Live or whether you're watching afterwards, do let me know whether you found this useful.

Adding to the conversation of your industry is something that is super important as you are building up your content, as you are creating your brand, and as you are starting to really gain traction and authority with your personal brand, right?

Creating content can also be something that feels like it's super overwhelming.
And I really understand this.

And so, if you've worked with me in the past, or if you've seen any of my work, or my challenges, or any of my free opt-in stuff, you will know that I'm also all about making things easier and helping you to work smarter.

So this is how you can get a thought leader blog post done in less time than you thought even possible.

The first thing to do is to get some support with the research.
Now, this might be something that you do ongoing, that you collect your research into Trello or into Pocket or whatever.

Assuming you have had no time and you haven't been doing this, you can outsource that research.

I actually love to use Fancy Hands.
There's a link to this in the Live, above here.

So, Fancy Hands is like a team of VAs.

They're really sort of a cost-effective way to get some research and some VA support done.
So you could outsource your research to Fancy Hands or to your own VA if you have one.
Just say, "I am going to create an article on," whatever your article is.

Maybe it's the top five, I don't know, retro dress styles for autumn 2019, if that's your niche, right? And you want to sort of have that research collated into a Google Doc. That has saved you that amount of time.

Now, when that research is back for whatever your subject area is, you are going to note down the bullet points of that research, and then think about your responses to them.

So, for example, if you are a business coach and you want to be contributing to the conversation around live masterminds versus online courses or something, you might want to collate some research around the trends of each, and think about your thoughts and your response to them.

You do know the answers because you know your stuff.
And this part might only take you five or 10 minutes, just to note down some notes for yourself around what you think as the answers.

So this is where the thought leader piece comes in. It's just the thinking piece.

The rest of it, we can make easier.

Okay, so we've got our research.

We've had some help outsourcing that.

And we've noted down either in a notebook, on your smartphone notes, on your laptop notes, whatever it is, your thoughts around those things.

Next, you're going to record into your smartphone or even straight into the app, which I use.
So Rev is a transcription service. They're brilliant.

You can actually dictate straight into the app so that your words will come back to you as a Google Doc, right? Or as a piece of text. So if you record your thoughts from those bullet points that you just made straight into the app, that will then come back to you.

Now, of course we're going to need to do a little bit of tidying up.
We're going to need to add some links.
We're going to need to edit it and make it look a bit pretty for your site.

However, you have now actually outputted and created your content.
So you are done.

And just by finding easier ways to do things, easier ways to output your thoughts, it will help you move through and to create some much better habits for your content creation.

If you found that helpful, I'd love to hear below. And have an awesome day, guys. Bye.