Hitting the bum notes and moving through it

I play the violin, .

In my teens and 20's, I was either at gigs in the audience, or playing them with bands, my folk band, string quartets, orchestras - music was my world.

At the age of 13 I was performing Bach's Double Violin Concerto with my friend, Ros.

It was a hot Summers eve.

As always I got nervous before the concert, awaiting the adrenaline that comes after the show.

We were midway through the slow movement and I mis-hit my high B flat.

I was mortified. I panicked.

I could see my family and friends wincing, willing me to be able to get back into the piece and finish it.

I finished, and left the stage only to sob in embarrassment.

I felt humiliated.


I let my partner down.

It felt excrutiating.

But here is what I did - I committed to playing the whole thing again at the very next concert.

I wanted to nail it this time.

And I did.

Just 2 months later I was back, and hit the high notes perfectly. I face the demon of the Bach Double at 13 and I won.

It;s only now as an adult that I see how amazing it was that I tried anyway. It was an amazing feat for that age.

I am PROUD of myself.


So, what does that have to do with you, with business, with brilliance?


We all hit the bum notes when we start doing something.

Maybe your first live stream is the B flat catastrophe.

Maybe your first blogs and newsletters are AWFUL ( I know mine were).

Maybe your first product flops, and is met with tumbleweed.

Every time you go back onto that stage you are are winning.

You are trying again, failing faster to really hit the high notes.

Now, I wasn't a dedicated musician. I was good, but I would be found down the pub with the brass section boys rather than practising for 8 hours a day.

And I was fine with that.


Find your level of commitment, and find your fun.


I am in awe of you for getting back up every time.

So tell me, what has your bum note been, and how did you bounce back?


~ Jo xox

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