Your Content Plan Made Easy: 20 Content Triggers [free download]

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If the words "content plan" make you run for the remote and hide away with a Netflix and ice-cream binge, I have you covered.

However and wherever you are sharing your content - whether it's a blog post, Instagram, Linked In, the blue place, Pinterest, video, or a combination of several platforms - you can make the whole shebang sooooooo much easier by kickstarting your grey matter with some actionable ideas.

Using triggers to generate ideas for your content brings into play some right brain thinking alongside some good, ole' fashioned strategy.

The benefit of this is that you get to sound like you when you create content. Making your brand stand out in a crowded market is a key skill - and using creative thinking to elevate your message is your super power tool kit to lead from your edge.

I guarantee you that if you spend even just 30 minutes brainstorming some ideas using the triggers list, you will be armed with a killer list of talking points that you can edit down, add to your Trello board like a pro, and know you are on the way to getting love letters from your clients.

Making your brand stand out in a crowded market is a key skill - and using creative thinking to elevate your message is your super power tool kit to lead from your edge.

The main rule of thumb is to be REALLY, SUPER, INCREDIBLY USEFUL with whatever you share.

This is easier than you think, happily, because we often forget what our clients actually NEED to hear from us. 

Use these triggers to generate ideas for social media posts, blog posts, videos, email series - just let your brain roam and get unstuck.

So, brew up a coffee, grab the triggers and videos, and prepare to tick content planning off your list.
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20 Content Plan Triggers You Can Use Right Now
(without needing an MBA,  a shot of absynthe, or #109839494 apps).

(note - you can also download the triggers as a PDF, to save, keep and love, and also access bonus worksheet goodies and videos).

  1. Use a recent client testimonial to showcase your work and talk about your process.
  2. Use a recent news story in your industry and add your spin.
  3. See what is being asked online in your industry on
  4. Use my 10 x 10 idea generation hack matrix to generate ideas (grab the goodie bundle below to get access to the worksheet and a webinar replay on how to use it).
  5. What is NOT being said in your industry right now? Where can you voice an opinion?
  6. Create a post on a core subject, and include links from key influencers in your niche.
  7. When the article goes live, tag them on social media (hello, leverage AND value!)
  8. Update an old post with new viewpoints or added value.
  9. Curate some of your older posts, audios and videos in a bumper value post.
  10. What was the last question a client asked you? Use this as the basis for a livestream (and use the livestream as the basis for a post).
  11. What do you wish you knew when you started out?
  12. Reflect on this time last year. What has changed? In your work, your industry, trends?
  13. What trends are emerging in your industry?
  14. Interview a client and use as a video, blog post, and case study. You now have a testimonial and some compelling content all in one..
  15. Go off-piste and use creative thinking to generate ideas. (use this post to get you started).
  16. What have you learned recently that your clients would love to know? Sometimes it can be that simple! 
  17. Crowdsource some topics - ask your audience what they would love to learn from you. Boom - you have a new list of topics to choose from.
  18. Got some email training or sequences already set up? Think about re-using them as videos or a long post.
  19. Use Stumble Upon to randomise some web pages and offer some new stimulus for you to react to.
  20. What overused terms and buzzwords are being thrown about right now in your niche? Go the other way and create something that's the opposite.
  21. Listen to a podcast in your niche, and react to one of the subjects in a post. Hat tip the show and give them a shout out.

If you use the triggers to generate some blog posts, videos, or social media content, leave the links below and let me know how they helped.

Also, let me know your main blocks with generating ideas for content - I am here to unblock your amazing brain.
Jo xox


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