The Ideation Experience


innovation needs ideas.

Your business NEEDS you to switch off and play. 

Having a standout brand doesn't happen by following the herd.

If you want to #blowuptheblueprint, to disrupt the norm and go your own way, you need to get CREATIVE.

Yes, that means making creative thinking a part of your DNA, so you ignite your brilliance and lead from your edge.

Welcome to your new playground, the Blow up the Blueprint Ideation Experience.

Together, we jam on 2 sessions of 90 minute brainstorms where I whip out my best creative thinking techniques, and we find some gold nuggets of originality that will set you apart.

In between each 1:1 session,  I will be sending you on a series of adventures to spark your creative thinking habit; by training your brain to generate ideas and be open to innovation, you open the floodgates to the secret of standing out - ideation.

You will leave our sessions with the foundation of a creative thinking habit, a renewed love for bringing fun into your business, and a killer set of innovative angles that you can apply to your marketing, your packages, your experiences and your content.

I am booking sessions now for May and June at $997*.

Disrupt the bland, stand out with your brand.

Let's blow up the blueprint. Together.


Booking an ideation session also gives you access to my Killer Content Academy for you or your team, so you can implement the juicy ideas we will be uncovering.

Warning: this is a powerful process.

To book, click the button below and get in touch.

My team will email back with availability, and organise to take a deposit to hold your spot and get your pre-work rolling..

*A deposit holds your spot.

Before I found Jo, my messaging was the same as everyone else’s and it was just another same-ol’ post on Facebook sounding like the same as everyone else. I knew I was different and wanted to reflect that in everything I shared in my messaging. Working with Jo opened my mind to a whole new world of possibilities with my messaging. This experience was a breath of fresh air and we came up with ideas for specific messaging for my ideal clients that will really get to their core/soul when they read it. I feel like Jo helped me dust off a part of my brain that I have never used before - the uber creative part! Jo’s techniques are like nothing else I have experienced and now my messaging is so unique, my ideal clients will stop in their tracks and read my posts because the creative wording will have them say “YES, she is explaining ME exactly!! Hiring Jo is a MUST for people wanting a new, edgy and unique spin on their messaging that will truly grab people’s attention!
— Carly Cloer