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Your clients want to find you

Your business NEEDS you to know how to find them.

Having a standout brand doesn't happen by following the herd.

If you want to attract your peeps, to disrupt the norm, and go your own way, you need to get CREATIVE.

You need to know how your creative clients think, what they read, how they talk, what they are asking for when they need a new role - and make them realise that they NEED YOU!

Disrupt the bland, stand out with your brand.

Hey, I’m Jo.
I am a content strategist, marketer, designer, author, podcaster and blogger- which means I am know my stuff when it comes to marketing and being found online, AND I happen to be a designer too. So I know this stuff from the inside out.

I know how hard it is to stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn, how to create content on your blog that actually has an ROI and make a difference, and how to repurpose any of this stuff to make it all work smarter.

I have helped creative recruitment consultants just like you to:
- Get more likes, profile views, and enquiries
- Stand out in a crowded market
- Know how to create content with ease
- Be the envy of their colleagues and their industry

Now I am starting to build out a programme to coach and mentor more creative recruitment pros to get confident with their content.

So, if you want to:
- Get clear on what to post and when
- See results in a matter of days
- Become the go-to person for your clients
- Discover a repeatable toolkit that you can use over and over again
- Learn how to use content across platforms
- Stop the overwhelm and blank screen procrastination

This is where we begin.

Fill out the quick ‘n’ painless survey below to help me get to know what you need.

This info helps me to get super clear on what’s keeping you stuck, PLUS you will be the first to know when I have something to help you.
(no strings attached, just info gathering at this point. No spam, super hard sell, or dodgy tactics, pinky swear!).

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Before I found Jo, my messaging was the same as everyone else’s and it was just another same-ol’ post on Facebook sounding like the same as everyone else. I knew I was different and wanted to reflect that in everything I shared in my messaging. Working with Jo opened my mind to a whole new world of possibilities with my messaging. This experience was a breath of fresh air and we came up with ideas for specific messaging for my ideal clients that will really get to their core/soul when they read it. I feel like Jo helped me dust off a part of my brain that I have never used before - the uber creative part! Jo’s techniques are like nothing else I have experienced and now my messaging is so unique, my ideal clients will stop in their tracks and read my posts because the creative wording will have them say “YES, she is explaining ME exactly!! Hiring Jo is a MUST for people wanting a new, edgy and unique spin on their messaging that will truly grab people’s attention!
— Carly Cloer