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Brilliance Unboxers

If you have been following me lately you will know I am taking my Brilliance Ignition work to a new stage with Brilliance Unboxed - a book that is an exploration of living, working and creating without limits, containers, social narratives and claustrophobic rules👊

As the work unfolds I want to explore it in a truly unboxed, unbound way💗✨and I am looking for 20 brilliant peeps to play with me over the coming months.

You will be my case study group, podcast guests, and to be the human, real time creative exploration as I write, and as Brilliance Unboxed emerges piece by piece.

The idea is that we combine mentoring/group coaching with allowing conversations to unfold, that will inform my book as we go.

Here is how we roll:

- Over the next 8 months we will jam and explore on a group call once a month. These recordings become our podcast episodes and inform the exploration work I will be sending you to do in your own time.

- Follow up play and exploration in your own time will be in our members area.

- As your brilliance unboxes and you step into embracing all that you are and crossing the boundaries of how you work and create, your story will become part of the book I am writing, and part of the bonus materials for future readers.

This is for you if you are bold enough to explore how you can use all your skills and passions across boundaries and to share as you go with my guidance.

As part of my Unboxing 20, you will be forming part of a real time research group that will be adding huge value to others while shifting perspective for you.

It’s a real time experiment, with you as the stars.

The cost is £62.50 per month x 8 months.

Essentially, this is a super affordable group mastermind that explores creative thinking and your brilliance.

I plan to start the process in the first week of March 2019.

If you are IN, please do the following:

  • Set up your payment by Monday, 4th March right here.

  • Email me on with your best email address, time zone, and a little intro about you.

    I am so excited to get unboxing with you!